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Twitter unveils new mobile version

Mike Schramm, of The Unoffical Apple Weblog:

Twitterific lead the charge way back when, but Tweetie came quickly after and then the flood gates were opened. But now, a late and unexpected challenger has entered the ring: Twitter themselves.

I haven’t played with the new mobile version of Twitter, but I totally agree with Gruber:

This would have been great two years ago, before there were native iPhone apps. Still might be great for Android, Pre, and Symbian phones.

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps for Bloggers


The web is going mobile and it is going faster than anyone can think. Majority of the bloggers are now using their iPhone or similar style phones to jot down ideas, write entire posts, stay connected and so much more.

Pretty good list of apps including Twitterrific, Evernote, Air Sharing and OmniFocus. The app at the number two spot, ShapeWriter, sounds pretty interesting:

ShapeWriter is a revolutionary text input technology that enables you to enter text into the iPhone by tracing word shapes rather than typing letters. Each shape traced on the soft keyboard with your finger is recognized as a word. Error correction is fast and easy.

Might have to give it a try.


Craig Hockenberry, developer of Twitterrific & Ramp Champ:

The first thing you need to know is that learning how to develop applications for a mobile device isn’t easy. But it’s worth the effort, ask any seasoned iPhone developer about seeing their work run on the device for the first time: it’s fricken’ amazing.

The article is from February, but it’s a must read if your a new developer or have a desire to become one.